Quality Should Speak For Itself

Start building your custom piece today

Designing and creating a custom piece of jewelry requires a trained eye, a cool and purposeful hand, and most importantly, genuine care and appreciation for one's craft. Fortunately, our designers, engineers and craftsman are experienced and dedicated professionals working under the direction of expert jewelers who will take your ideas and bring them to life. Please look at the four steps below:
  • Discover The Process: Get an Idea The development of the product first begins from within. The designer and client put their ideas together to come up with a piece, which the client will be pleased with.
  • 3D Modeling Visualization: See It In Visual Effects By using high tech computer modeling software, the designer creates the product virtually by computer. This not only greatly enhances the accuracy of the finished creation but it gives the customer the ability to see the design even before the wax is made. The customer has the option to make adjustments to fit its desired standards.
  • Wax Printing/ Mold Creation: Choose the Right Method Wax printing, which is for a one time use only; or a mold creation, which can be used to recreate the piece multiple times.
  • Metal Casting: Love it! After being molded the precious metal casting is now ready. At the final step the option of adding diamonds, choosing the color of gold and making minor changes.
Rafaello & Co Guarantees:
  • The use of the highest quality materials
  • Attention to detail beyond industry standards
  • Exceptional service and prompt delivery